October 3, 2023


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Entrepreneur Chase Dimond Earns Seven Figures With 6 Earnings Streams

  • Chase Dimond is an e-commerce expert with 6 unique earnings streams.
  • He performs approximately 30 hours per 7 days and is on track to generate seven figures this 12 months.
  • Here’s how Dimond manages his profits and time with out burning out.

In large college, Chase Dimond was identified with Crohn’s sickness which induced him to lose out on a entire calendar year of university as he struggled to cope. 

That working experience determined him to sign up for a nonprofit aimed at getting cures for the sickness by which he fulfilled numerous profitable business owners. Dimond said they not only mentored him, but they encouraged him to think about a similar future for himself. Just before he graduated, Dimond even tried his hand at launching a t-shirt enterprise. 

In college, Dimond channeled his gumption into operating 5 various work opportunities to aid his parents fork out tuition. Right after graduating, he landed a work at an schooling technology organization exactly where he gained a salary just shy of 6 figures. Determined to hit the $100,000-a-year benchmark, he began taking consulting gigs on the aspect to nutritional supplement his income. 

In retrospect, Dimond reported the adversity he confronted in his previously years assisted him land where he is today— dwelling as 1 of the millionaire course. 

Dimond’s whole profits previous calendar year was just about a million bucks. (He advised Insider that it is really the initially time he is shared that figure publicly.)

But how he gained the dollars might be additional attention-grabbing — or even instructive. 

Dimond said he generates profits throughout 6 unique earnings streams: an e-commerce marketing agency, a collection of digital programs, electronic mail newsletters, digital gatherings, social media channels, and consulting. 

How he manages it all

Dimond explained he manages all his money streams with no burning out. 

“I applied to pretty much reside on calls,” Dimond reported. In a long time previous, Dimond said he would get six or eight calls a working day which still left him doing the job nights and weekends just to deal with his workload. 

“Now that I have a household, that is just not a little something that I’m prepared to do.”

These days, as the father of a new child, Dimond mentioned he operates about 6 several hours a day, and would not get much more than two phone calls in that period of time.  

Dimond said he is able to operate so effectively since he depends on a host of productivity and AI resources. 

He reported every time he has something to say to a shopper — or even demonstrate them— he takes advantage of an asynchronous workplace resource identified as Bubbles that enables him to ship video messages. Both parties can respond when they have time, which assists develop an asynchronous back again and forth without owning to hop on Zoom. 

“When I’m on the treadmill at 10 o’clock at night time after my youngsters have gone to bed I could possibly react to a Bubbles information then,” Dimond stated. “Calls that need to be email messages are e-mail, phone calls that will need to come about, materialize, and other than that I use Bubbles.” 

Dimond mentioned he also depends on Fireflies.ai or Otter.ai to “attend” conferences for him and transcribe notes. Dimond claimed that Fireflies.ai is primarily helpful in sifting out the primary factors of a meeting and creating “Sparknotes edition” that he can skim when he has time. He uses the paid out version of ChatGPT to uncover inspiration for his social media posts.

Dimond’s other idea: Never overextend oneself by seeking to be excellent at everything, emphasis on spreading your strengths across a number of arenas. 

“In all the business enterprise I do I have the similar purpose,” Dimond explained. “I am seriously great at content material. I’m seriously great at screening. I am genuinely good at marketing. I am really excellent at copywriting.” He’s “seriously undesirable” at finance, accounting, contracts, and hiring, he said.

This is a nearer glance at his profits streams: